Final Sprint to the Launch: the Crowdfunding Campaign of the Smart Mirror that Knows You

Final Sprint to the Launch: the Crowdfunding Campaign of the Smart Mirror that Knows You

Date: 26.05.2017

MirroCool is nearing the launch of its integral Kickstarter campaign, and the anticipation is building all around our team.

Starting with a simple idea from a successful entrepreneur in Poland and spreading to North America, our teammates in San Francisco and Toronto have joined in to help make MirroCool a success. With the crowdfunding kickoff only a few weeks away, we have been working diligently to bring the best smart mirror to the market.
The anticipation is one of the best parts of revealing a new product. As we have slowly been unveiling new and exciting features, we have learned so much about what consumers are looking for in a smart home device. The excitement we sensed as we demonstrated the product on the streets of New York City was only just the beginning but it launched us into the journey towards product takeoff, and we could not be more thrilled!
With a Kickstarter campaign, there are many boxes to check to ensure that the takeoff will run smoothly. To understand a little bit more about the behind-the-scenes process of preparing to launch MirroCool, these are some of the crowdfunding pre-campaign tasks we have accomplished so far:
Our Fans Are Sharing Our Story 
Our website is complete, offering a full picture of what MirroCool offers to our future customers and what makes our smart mirror different from our competitors. Upon the site completion, we have also broadcasted the pre-campaign press release, devised blog posts and created colorful stories through videos visible on social media. Our story has been picked up by media outlets. Our social media accounts are growing steadily, and through these platforms, we have been able to engage and understand your needs and your wants, to tweak the product to exactly what you need. Growing awareness of MirroCool has helped our subscriber list grow every week - and we are driven by the excitement that we have seen!
Our Funding Goal is Set 
Our team has established a funding goal of $50,000, starting with a lower number that we hope to exceed with your help!
Backers Have Shown Commitment

As our project progresses, we have gained more interest and awareness of MirroCool. We have also secured a significant amount of funding from friends, family and enthusiastic backers who have already supported projects in the home automation industry. These connections have instilled confidence that this project will move to market.
There are more things to come: sneak peeks include determining our pre-launch rewards, setting up a MirroCool shop, and getting ready for a sweepstakes. Our team does feel like the sky is the limit. As we prepare for launch, we welcome any feedback you can provide to make our product the most successful it can be! 
Together, this project is taking off. 

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